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CineCabinet - The Cinema Screen Projection Cabinet.

Projects Directly from the Cabinet to the Wall!

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The CineCabinet is a complete home cinema solution built into a cabinet. Simply position the CineCabinet against a white wall and it will transform your room instantly into a full home cinema, eliminating the hassle and expense of an unsightly overhead projector installation. Using the latest in ultra short throw projection technology the CineCabinet is able to achieve screen sizes from 100inch to 150inch at the click of a button, all in stunning HD quality.

The CineCabinet has space inside to accommodate Sky Boxes, DVD players and games consoles, there are built in Plug sockets and all cables can be connected internally. This means there are no unsightly TV boxes or wires left on display.

When the draw is fully closed the screen is 100" the draw opens to increase the size of the screen, it can go up to 120" or even 150" if you have a big enough wall.

Cabinet is switched off

Cabinet Switched Off

The Cabinet Blends into the Room as a Designer Piece of Furniture.

Cabinet is switched on

Cabinet Switched On

The Room is Instantly Transformed into a Full Home Cinema.

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CineCabinet Low is best suited for average ceiling height rooms of 2.5 meters and below.

CineCabinet Tall is best suited to rooms with higher than 2.8m ceilings, or where a screen size of only around 100" is required.

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Screen Size 100" - 150"
Full HD 1080p
3D Compatible (Glasses Required)
Ultra Short throw
3500 Lumen Brightness
18000:1 Contrast Ratio
3 years Parts and Labour Warranty
2.1 Sound bar with wireless Subwoofer (optional)
6000 hour bulb life (8 hrs. per day is approx. 3 years use)

100" Diagonal screen is 125cm high x 220 cm wide
120" Diagonal screen is 150cm high x 265 cm wide
150" Diagonal screen is 186cm high x 330 cm wide

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