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CineCabinet - The Cinema Screen Projection Cabinet.

Projects Directly from the Cabinet to the Wall!

FAQ & Pricing

What's included?

The complete Home cinema Cabinet with Projector and sound Bar, Everything you need for the Big screen and Cinema Sound.

Can I connect my sky box to this?

Yes, it works will all sky HD boxes, it has 3 HDMI ports so you can connect upto 3 devices such as Virgin HD, Freeview HD, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, android Media Player, HD PC's ,DVD players and HD laptops.

Is it HD?

Yes it is full HD 1080p resolution.

Why isn't it 4K?

The 4K version cost around £30,000 and these isn't much 4K content available

What size is the screen? How wide and high is that?

When the draw is fully closed the screen is 100" the draw opens to increase the size of the screen. It can go up to 120" or even 150" if you have a big enough wall.

100" = 125cm high x 220 cm wide
120" = 150cm high x 265cm wide
150" = 186cm high x 330 cm wide

What about in daylight?

It's best if you can have it dark, but the Projector that we use is one of the brightest short throw projectors available. We also recommended having the screen at the smallest setting in brighter areas.

What warranty do you get with the CineCabinet

Every Cinecabinet sold by us comes with 1 years manufacturer's warranty. You have the option to purchase an additional 2 years warranty when you purchase your Cinecabinet. Please ask our sales team for more information or if you have any other questions.

Do you have to use that projector?

The cabinet is designed for this specific projector, Optoma EH319UST we have found it to be the best specification and most suited to working in this way.

Do you have to have the sound bar?

If you don't want the Sound bar we can discount the price by £200 which is the cost of the Sound bar we provide.

What kind of wall do you have to have?

A smooth plain white wall is best, normal matt paint is fine, pale colours can sometimes work such light grey and magnolia

How many HDMI ports dose it have?

It has 3 HDMI Ports

What about lumens/ brightness?

3500 lumens (lumen is bulb brightness)

What is the contrast Ratio:

18000:1 is the Contrast Ratio

What can I connect to it?

Anything that has a HDMI output upto Full HD 1080p

Is it 3D?

Yes. It is 3D compatible. Extra 3D glasses required for this operation.

What about the bulb, life and price?

It has a long life bulb 6000 hours, standard projects have an average life of 3000 hours, the bulb costs around £150 to replace

Do you come and install it?

Yes we deliver across the UK, we also offer a full installation service.

Do you do finance?

Sorry we do not have any finance options at this time.



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